by Hellspin

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released December 16, 2013

Recorded by Sonic Vision in the Galernaya20 studio
spring 2013



all rights reserved


Hellspin Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Jihad of my heart
close your eyes
if you wanna be higher
i`ll fight my enemies
`cuz they got so blind

jihad of my heart!
Track Name: Rain
only rain is what I need
fourteen days and fourteen nights
rain is only what I feel
but the rain makes me alive

when it rains it`s time of loneliness
i can feel my own soul
everything it`s just my emptiness
i can be myself it`s all

so I can stop crying
so I can stop dying
so I can stop killing myself
when it rains
Track Name: Knife
i`ll stab you in your eyes
my knife it`s like service
but not for you demise
just make you listen to me

society built by greed
life in the selfish speed
crying like a stream of lead
just stop to dreaming to
Track Name: Supermoon
supermoon! supermoon!
translucent objects look so full…
come with me! come with me!
black is my color, why don`t you see?

tide in me! tide in me!
magnetic moon tides till me -
i feel!

don`t walk the same path!
don`t walk the same path!
feel physical attraction only like that…
суперлуна! суперлуна!
я так одинока, я так холодна!
Track Name: Witch
the blue sky that you see in a dream
really needs to be a mirror for ghosts
really needs to be a flesh for wild dogs
all the living will be in a stream

witch goes outside
out of your awareness
witch goes outside
bless, bless, bless

holy songs crawling up in your ear
ask to join the chorus of dead
ask the power of nuclear warheads
impotence in the face of your fear

your promise to a loved one
really needs a little truth
if you think you've got something to lose
you're so fucked up with life you have won
Track Name: Instrument of hate
mix sugar and slush that flows into your throat
it will be easier for you to maintain strength
We need to follow the cycle horns of goat
You will never find a better instrument of hate

the torture chamber in your holy mosque
your way and your grave
you will never find a better instrument of hate
Track Name: Wolf
i`m waiting for my kristallnacht
climbing under the covers
digging trenches around the eardrums
creating a cult of dangers

o! wolf will lick your face
without a positive response
carry of you to your grave
and darkness will ensconce

developing the auschwitz`s blueprints
hiding all the hate on the pencil`s tip
a clear line on the wall
breaks the skin like a coachwhip
Track Name: I will do it again
i feel the warmth of them
who were around me
whom I caught just few times
they run away again

i`m ready to repeat
each tiny gentle word
and even if with time
they all turned out feeling hurt

i`m ready to repeat
each dancing to the beat
every punch to my foe
my every bloody feat

i`m ready to repeat
each single broken knee
and if I had the choice
i`d say so let it be

i remember all the shit
and I remember that taste
but I don`t have regrets
it brought me to this place

i`ll do it all again
the parts go back to its sense
the black turns into the white
i`ll do this all again