Hellspin EP

by Hellspin

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Recorded by Sonic Vision in the YPSILON studio
summer 2012


released May 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Hellspin Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Slave power
Loose me up on the freedom way
Mental hospital create my day
Cave it's perfect human's size
born for feeling our own demise

Wait and hope emerge from the mist
Laugh when the gears crush your fists
Tell a swamp how to drown in a cloud
And what chains will be break out

We are crying surrounded with weeds
Slave power, holy revenge
Weight stones can changing minds
Like razor cuts the page

Slave power
It`s time to Holy Revenge
Track Name: All the lovers
You always sleep in your highest tower
In your favorite lake all fishes are dead
Almonds in bloom in your favorite garden
There is no movement in your hands

You dreams are so good
And all the dreams will come true
And all the lovers could be naked
And all the lovers could be

One hundred black birds flew in and sang for you
One hundred black snakes crawled and danced for you
There are howling monsters in the dark caves
Cranberries in a forest and blood are the same
Track Name: I never understand
I never understand
What you want from me
I`ve never seen the things
That you see in me
I never understand
You never understand

I`ve disconnected you
You`ve disconnected me too
I`m separating from you
You separate me too
These are very simple things
Your minus and my plus
It`s very hard for me
It`s very hard for us
Track Name: Black dog
Black dog comes and goes away
He doesn`t care what you say
He doesn`t need your trust and fear
Remember bitch he always near

Black dog comes
Black dog goes away

Black dog comes and goes away
When you start your own day
He doesn`t bite you, don`t abuse
Try to shout but it`s no use

Black dog comes
Black dog goes away

Only he will be near
While you wouldn`t see in his eyes
While you wouldn`t see evil there
While you wouldn`t see your soul there

Black dog comes
Black dog goes away
Track Name: Smelling sperm
What for in the store
So many guitars
I don't understand cuz all music sucks

Hi guys with a fashion
Gays with guitar tech
Your mouths are good working
Asshole smelling sperm

What for many buildings
making records inside
the tracks are so lame they make me cry

Why people are playing
On this fucking gigs
Get out from stage, you are stupid dicks
Track Name: Darkness house
try to live alone, try to live with a friend
try to forget and be broken again

but remember what you talking me
like payment for what you want to be

find yourself in your darkness house
your soul are growing together with chaos
Track Name: Don`t feel bad for me
I wanna be whore on heroin
Where is fucking love? I do not feel
I want to talk with my steel killer
I wanna make rough sex with a nigger.
Don`t feel bad for me
Don`t feel bad for me

It`s just trembling in my feet
All my life is fucking shit
When I die please do not cry
When I die it would be fine
Don`t feel bad for me

I don`t need love I`ll be a slut
I don`t wanna feel any dick in my cunt
I want to someone to make film about me
But it would be film just no one see
Don`t feel bad for me
Don`t feel bad for me